On my flight from Canberra to Melbourne I had the chance to make this – at first glance – awesome cloud picture. Stunning to see what a wonderful artist nature can be. But the reality behind this picture is far away from being awesome and stunning. Because of global climate change Australia suffered from temperature in excess of 50°C this summer season. Square kilometres of forest have been destroyed, more than 30 householders lost their homes. More than 2,000 firefighters were active to keep the fire under control at several fire fronts. Ongoing high temperatures and sudden wind changes made the situation even worse.

Currently milder conditions were expected to bring relief to firefighters battling the two major blazes to the north and east of Melbourne where I just have been for meetings with the federal and state government in order to foster concepts for the transition to sustainable future energy grids. Historically Victoria has a long history of bushfires on its shoulders; but they are getting worse due to the global climate change. The devilish combination of extreme high temperatures for weeks, causing dryness rarely seen before and strong lightning are igniting more and more bushfires. Around urban areas the extreme dry greens are just waiting to be hit by cigarettes of careless individuals. The fires are still burning. And exactly the same happens in Thailand currently, because of the dryness never seen before.

Fostering new technologies

We are responsible for any consequences of our behavior harmful to the environment. We are responsible for the living conditions of our children. There is nobody else we can hold accountable. We cannot avoid every environmental disaster in the future but we can foster new technologies and responsible personal behavior in order to mitigate the predictable risks of the global climate change.

VDE stands for sustainable innovation and future technologies around the globe. If you share our conviction come and join our VDE team as employee, expert volunteer or strategic sponsor in order to foster the right technology, the right standards, the right quality test procedures, the right projects and products on our way into a worthwhile future.