Digital education in school, university and on the job will be a clear USP and locational advantage of the future. The education system needs to be fundamentally redesigned. Activities change – skills must change as well. Or, are you still able to drive a horse-drawn carriage? But surely you can drive a car. And in the future: is there still the need to personally drive a car?

What it’s not about? Replaced teachers with tablets / Replace the 1 x 1 with coding / Replace learning with consumption What is this about? The key question is what do we need in our future daily live and business. Aren’t this skills like:

  • media competence & finding things out
  • use of news & media sources with reflection & team orientation
  • skills for selection, evaluation and decision – at the end complexity control

There are 3 storyline when I comes to digital education:

1) Content & Structure

  • setup agile educational guidelines an adjust them on a regular base
  • setup a clear roadmap: content -> structure -> tools -> trainer -> trainee
  • develop current contents
  • setup project structures and team oriented learning concepts for trainees

2) Methods

  • be ahead of the technology curve
  • develop „digital didactics“
  • develop a „new“ kind of pedagogy
  • insist on the basics: arithmetic writing reading, but be brave to leave something out in order to make room for new current content

3) Hardware & Software

At the end, after step 1 and step 2, decide what is the right hardware and software in order to reach the target – a sustainable education.

Digital education is not a mystery. It is the courage and a must to fundamentally renew the educational system in school, university and at work; time is running out. Because the speed of implementation needs to be faster than the speed of digital transformation – this is a joint effort.